Zion I treasure

SONG: A song about loving and understanding God’s perfect will for our lives.

This song encourages every Christian to use their time on earth not for their own interests, but to allow God to guide them in the way that is the very best for them. This means complete surrender, and believing wholeheartedly that God will make my life the very best it can be. Written many years ago by Elias Aslaksen, it is still relevant for us today!

Lyrics: Zion I treasure

Zion I treasure; her laws are forever.
Naught else on earth is of interest to me.
E’en if my lot here is mock’ry and laughter,
Through His own flesh Jesus guideth my way.
Time or location, peace, persecution—
No more my joy by these things can be bound.
His will is good here, whate’er may befall me.
This both in word and in deed I have found.

God’s will for us is our sanctification,
That we be formed to the glory of His praise.
Who can instruct Him, the Almighty Father,
How to accomplish the work all our days?
Close now your eyes and ears, my dear brother,
To all that comes from this earth here so low.
His will to see and obedience to render
Shall be your rod and your staff where you go.

Wisdom so good from the Father of spirits!
All things He guides for my very best, I see.
All that befalls me He turns and He causes
To fit His plan of salvation for me.
All things for good are working together,
First from myself, this my heart understands,
Then for my neighbor, my nearest and dearest.
They will be nourished and blest by my hands.

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Title: Zion I treasure
Lyrics: Elias Aslaksen
Melody: Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Vocals: Rilley Syphers
From the songbook
Ways of the Lord #146
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