Pursue righteousness – you won’t regret it! (1/2)

VIDEO: Watch this podcast interview with Sam Petkau for an enlightening take on what righteousness means for a young adult!

You are young. You may think, what is righteousness? Why should I pursue righteousness; why should I care about it? What’s in it for me?

A couple of years ago, Eunice from the “Living the Gospel” podcast interviewed Sam Petkau for this article: Righteousness: An investment with incredible long-term results. The interview was so fascinating and thought-provoking that we decided we should invite Sam to the podcast so we could hear more about it.

In the video of this podcast episode, learn more about what righteousness actually means for a young adult, how we can learn righteousness, examples of righteous choices in daily life, and why it pays to pursue righteousness!

Prefer to listen or read instead? Check out the full podcast episode here.

Don’t miss Part 2 of this interview: Righteousness – A catalyst for growth.

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